# Default

A default resource allow you to cache a specific resource and expose it publicly.

  name: 'my-resource'
  maxAge: 3600 * 1000, // TTL of resource
  init: true, // Fetch the resource at nuxt start
  request: {
    method: 'get',
    url: 'http://www.mocky.io/v2/5d9e4c643200002a00329d0a'

With this resource configuration XHR Cache will:

  • Assign the resource as id my-resource
  • Fetch the resource http://www.mocky.io/v2/5d9e4c643200002a00329d0a at nuxt build/start
  • Store the resource to rootFolder/my-resource.json
  • Expose the resource to http://hostname:port/rootUrl/my-resource and with the getResourceById method
  • Expose a refresh url to http://hostname:port/rootUrl/refresh/my-resource and with the refreshResourceById method
  • Refresh automatically the resource every hours